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AAVSO Alert Notice 403: Request for observations of V2105 Oph in support of HST observations AAVSO HOME > publications > alert notice

AAVSO Alert Notice 403

Request for observations of V2105 Oph in support of HST observations
August 30, 2009

Dr. Brian Espey (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland) has requested
photoelectric photometry and bright star CCD photometry of the
semiregular variable V2105 Oph beginning immediately.  These observations
are in support of ultraviolet spectroscopy to be obtained with the
Hubble Space Telescope on Wednesday, September 2, 2009.  Observations
are requested to continue through Sunday, September 6, 2009.

Photoelectric observers are asked to obtain nightly V-band photometry
of V2105 Oph using the following comparison and check stars:

Comparison:     SAO 141187 (AUID 000-BBX-527, "3 Oph")
                RA/Dec(J2000): 16:27:48.18 , -08:22:18.2
                V=4.632, (B-V)=0.174 (Mermilliod and Mermilliod 1998)

Check:          SAO 141066 (AUID 000-BBX-218, "18 Sco")
                RA/Dec(J2000): 16:15:37.33 , -08:22:11.9
                V=5.505, (B-V)=0.648 (Mermilliod and Mermilliod 1998)
                (Note: this is an "NSV" star, but is microvariable only)

This star has been added to the PEPObs system in WebObs; observations may
be submitted as with all other PEP program stars.

For CCD and DSLR observers, please obtain multiple exposures and coadd
frames to obtain good signal to noise on nearby faint stars.  There are
at least four potential comparisons within 30 arcminutes brighter than

  Star          RA           Dec      V     B-V   Sp      Distance (")
BD -07 4291  16:27:42.5  -07:54:0.53  9.7    ?    K?        1073
BD -07 4293  16:27:46.2  -07:54:05.7 10.2  +1.2   mid-K     1094
HD   148179  16:26:35.2  -07:51:05.2  8.56 +0.51  G dwarf?  1365
BD -07 4289  16:27:39.4  -07:59:53.0  9.3?   ?    A?        1442

V2105 Oph is located at the following (J2000) coordinates:

        RA,Dec: 16:27:43.46 , -07:35:51.2

Finder charts for V2105 Oph may be plotted using VSP:

Please submit all observations as "V2105 OPH".  This AAVSO Alert Notice
was prepared by M. Templeton.


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