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           		AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 163 (October 2, 1992)


The Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (IAU Circular 5625) has informed us of the visual discovery by 
Robert Evans, Hazelbrook, Australia, of a supernova in NGC 2082 on Sep. 30.75 UT at approximately 
magnitude 14.0. The supernova is located about l' west of the galaxy nucleus, whose 1950 position is:

			RA. = 05h 41m 36s	Decl. = -64deg 20m

M. M. Phillips at the Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory reports that the spectrum obtained on Oct. 1.36 UT 
indicate the supernova to be of Type-II and very likely discovered at an early epoch.
Please use the enclosed charts to observe 0541-64 SN 2082, and report your observations to Headquarters.
Our congratulations to Bob on his latest discovery!


FG Sagittae, the central star of a planetary nebula, has been fading since late August from
its average maximum magnitude of 9.2, and has reached magnitude 13.4, as observations
from our observers indicate in the accompanying light curve.
FG Sge was discovered to be variable in 1894 when it began brightening from photographic 
magnitude 13.6. It brightened gradually, reaching about 9.2 by the mid-1960's. It was added 
to the AAVSO observing program in 1968, and observations indicate that it had been at about 
9.2 magnitude with some small-amplitude fluctuations on the order of half a magnitude until it 
began to fade in late August.

Observers should beware of a star extremely close to FG Sge - its separation is only 8-10 
arcseconds. Monsignor R. Royer reported that this "companion" star brightened this summer 
from fainter than 13th magnitude, reached approximately magnitude 12.1, and is presently at 
magnitude 12.5.

Please use the accompanying AA VSO e scale chart of FG Sge. The "companion" star is indicated 
as "var?" on the chart and is located even closer to FG Sge than was possible to indicate on the chart.

Many thanks to observers who have been keeping us informed of this unprecedented fading of FG Sge. 
Please keep a close eye on this interesting variable and call in your observations to Headquarters. 
The answering machine (617-354-0484) is on nights and weekends for your convenience.

When sending in your monthly observation report, please use the following designations 

and names for objects in the FG Sge field:
2007+20 FG Sge		2007+20C Var? N
2007+20A ST Sge		2007+20D Var? E (= "companion")

Thank you very much for your enthusiastic response to the EUVE project. The observations called
into the AAVSO are regularly transmitted to the Center for EUV Astrophysics and are very much

Good Observing!

Janet A. Mattei

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484