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				AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 142 (April 19, 1991)


The Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams informs us (via A. Gilmore from 
F. Bateson) that P. Camilleri (Cobram, Victoria, Australia) photographically 
discovered a nova on April 11.62 UT at about photographic magnitude 10. The 
precise position (1950.0, R. McNaught) of this nova is:

			RA 17h 17m 14.02s	Decl. -26deg 43' 27.1"

The nova was spectroscopically confirmed by astronomers at Ohio State and 
Arizona State Universities on April 18.48 UT. "The spectrum is that of a classical 
nova and appears to resemble that of Nova Vul1987 (QV Vul) early in its outburst."
Recent observations of N Oph 91 include: Mar 23 UT <12 (P. Camilleri, photographic); 
Apr. 12.55, 10.7 (D. Seargent); 13.46, 10.5 (A. Jones and D. Lester); 13.55, 10.5 
(P. Williams); 13.56, 10.5 (D. Seargent); 15.46,9.9 (A Jones); 15.56, 11.0 
(D. Seargent); 16.67, 10.68 (A Gilmore, photometric V); 17.104, 10.3 (P. Schmeer); 
18.083, 10.3 (P. Schmeer).

Please use the accompanying "d" scale chart to estimate the nova's brightness and 
report your observations to AAVSO Headquarters.

Congratulations to P. Camilleri on this discovery!


AAVSO member William Liller (Vina del Mar, Chile) reports his PROBLICOM discovery of 
a nova in the Large Magellanic Cloud on April 18.04 UT at photographic magnitude 
12.3. The Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams reports the precise (1950.0, 
R. McNaught) position of this nova as:

			RA 05h O4m 12.7s Decl. -70deg 22' 16.2"

R. McNaught notes that no image appears at this position on the UKST J, R, and I 
and the ESO B and R surveys. Recent visual and photovisual observations of N LMC 91 

Apr.	11.43 UT 	20 R. McNaught				16.42		<14.5 G. Garradd
	12.41 		19.5 R. McNaught			16.50		<13 P. Camilleri
	13.41 		19 R. McNaught				18.036		12.3 W. Liller 		(minus UV filter)
	14.5 		< 13 P. Camilleri			18.041		12.3 W. Liller 		(minus UV filter)
	15.120 		< 14 W. Liller (red filter) 		18.53		12.4 P. Camilleri
	15.5 		< 13 P. Camilleri			19.40		12.6 P. Camilleri
	16.40		15 R. McNaught

The nova is plotted on the accompanying excerpt from the AAVSO Variable Star 
Atlas and the photograph from the Supernova Search Charts Handbook (Thompson and 
Bryan). Please use the sequence on the accompanying SN 1987 A chart to observe 
this nova, and report your estimates to AA VSO Headquarters. 

Congratulations to Bill on his latest discovery!


Recent observations of this supernova include:

Apr. 	17.01 UT 	12.5 H. Dahle		April	19.1910	12.7 S. Knight
	17.06 		12.3 B. Granslo			19.2313	12.7 S. Knight 
	17.94 		12.4 B. Granslo			19.2444	12.6 S. Knight 
	18.049 		12.5 P. Schmeer			19.3549	12.6 S. Knight
	19.0944		12.7 S. Knight


Recent visual observations of N Her 91 include: Apr. 16.99 UT, 12.0 (B. Granslo); 
17.073, 12.6 (P. Schmeer); 17.028, 12.4 (B. Granslo); 17.056, 12.3 (B. Granslo); 
18.086, 12.7 (P. Schmeer); 18.5, 12.7 (R. Royer).

Accompanying is a "d" scale chart for this nova. Please continue to monitor Nova 
Her 91, and .continue to call your observations in to Headquarters.


W. Liller reports the following photographic observations of N Cen 91: April 
15.12 UT, 11.2; 17.01, 11.2; 18.03, 11.2. D. Overbeek reports N Cen 91 at 
approximate visual magnitude 12.2 on April 19.83 UT

Please use the accompanying "d" scale chart for this nova to continue monitoring Nova Cen
91, and report your observations to AAVSO Headquarters.	.

The answering machine at Headquarters (617-354-0484) is kept on nights and weekends. 
Please call in your observations so we may relay them to the Central Bureau for 
Astronomical Telegrams.

Janet Mattei, who is away, and I thank you for your efforts and astronomical 

Clear Skies! Good Observing!

Elizabeth O. Waagen 
Senior Technical Assistant

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484