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			AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 159 (July 7,1992)


This old nova of 1901 is having another minor outburst, as indicated by the following 
observations: July 3.31 UT, 12.3 (J. Bortle, Stormville, NY); 3.33, 12.7 (G. Dyck,
Assonet, MA); 4.38, 12.3 (M. Adams, Melbourne, FL); 5.38, 12.1 (Adams); 6.38, 11.8 
(Adams); 7.30, 11.8 (Bortle); 7.33, 12.0 (Dyck). John Bortle, who caught GK Per going 
up, shares his experience with us, saying that he was observing comets early on the 
morning of July 3 and decided to look at GK Per, and he discovered it in outburst. This 
discovery is his fourth of the minor outbursts qf GK Per. Gerry Dyck's discovery of this 
outburst was independent.

Since 1966, GK Per has had 10 minor outbursts. The information on the previous minor 
outbursts, giving dates and magnitudes of maxima, is listed below in Table 1. An AAVSO 
optical light curve of the tWo most recent outbursts is also below. For information on 
the previous outbursts, see AAVSO Alert Notices 87 and 113.

A group of theoretical astronomers from the University of Texas are particularly interested 
in GK Per, and have requested observers to keep a very close eye on this outburst. Please 
monitor GK Per in the early morning sky as closely as possible and call in your observations 
to Headquarters. The answering machine (617-354-0484) in on nights and
weekends for your convenience.

 	Table 1. Previous Minor Outbursts of GK Per		
 Year JD(max)	Mag(max)	Year 	JD(max)	Mag(max)	
 1966 2439362	10.9		1978	2443695	12.5	
 1967 2439760	11.9		1981	2444679	10.4	
 1970 2440878	10.9		1983	2445561	10.3	
 1973 2441701	12.0		1986 	2446m	103	
 1975 2442456	105		1989 	2447760	103	

1221+09 SUPERNOVA IN NGC 4411B

Below are recent observations of the supernova in NGC 4411B (see AAVSO Alert Notice 158): 
July 3.09 UT, 13.6(M. Adams, Melbourne, FL); 3.11, 13.5 (B. Wilson, Houston, TX); 3.11, 
13.5 (P. Sventek, Houston, TX); 6.19, 13.5: photovisual (R. Royer, Wrightwood, CA).

Many thanks for your efforts and valuable observations. Good observing!

Janet A Mattei

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484