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WebObs Y2018 bug!

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WebObs Y2018 bug!

Deja vu tonite, I tried my usual method of calender date format entry for my obs as 2018/01/01/hh/mm and it bombed out with a date error! I was able to get it to work if I convert to JD, but still there is a problem.

Happy New Years...



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WebObs Y2018 bug

Mike, it must be fixed. I just tried entering an observation in that format and it worked.


Stephen [HSP]

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Y2018 webobs error


Please send me the file that faulted in webobs so I can track  down this error.



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It wasn't a file, it was an

It wasn't a file, it was an individual visual observationon Q Cyg, I entered the date/time as 2018/01/01/05/25 and it said "date must be after 1913" or something like that, but when I converted to JD it worked. I just tried the calendar date again right now and it works! So, whatever it was it was a transient problem...


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