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AAVSOnet Status, 2019-10-10

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AAVSOnet Status, 2019-10-10

The Takahashi E-180 astrograph on BSM_Hamren is working so well that we've asked the Tzec Maun Foundation for more.  We'll keep you posted!  The next telescope to undergo the conversion to this bigger aperture would be BSM_NM.  Otherwise, we're having a breakout session at the AAVSO meeting in the Cimmaron Room on Saturday night, 8-10pm.  This is an open session - come to hear about the status of the system and future upgrades.  We need a new BSM section chair, so if you might be interested in learning about the position, come and ask questions!  Ken Menzies will also be giving an oral presentation on Sunday about the network.

BSM_Berry: operational.

BSM_Hamren: operational.  We are doing full-night runs.  Gary has installed a new web power controller, the AAG weather/cloud monitor, and a webcam.  These are the final pieces of the full BSM_Hamren system.  We'll be adding more projects shortly, and then modifying exposure times to fit the 180mm telescope aperture.

BSM_NH2: operational.

BSM_NM: operational.

BSM_S: operational.

BSM_TX: still off-line, until Dave Cowall can get to the observatory to trouble-shoot.

OC61: we're in the process of moving to a Win10 computer.  Everything works except the Boltwood weather/cloud monitor.  Once we have that functional, we'll start testing the new setup.

SRO: we had a late startup due to a lingering monsoon and a tropical storm.  In addition, the dome just failed.  John Gross will be going down this weekend to do repairs.

TMO61:  they've had several problems with computers and dome.  Most everything is functional now, and we're getting the queues set up again.

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