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BL Tel Field (photography)

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BL Tel Field (photography)


Last night, a colleague was  photographing  the  BL Tel field. Today when I examined the photo  I noted  a strange mark of a star (?) near Hip 93624. It  seems me that is not  a false pixel....

I estimated its mag between 9 and 10.

See  attachment!

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BL Tel

Very hard to tell.

I took an image of the region on 3/12 and have compared them. Unfortunately it is off the edge of my field so no use. The 101 comp star is barely visible in your image so it is brighter than that.

I wonder if it is just a cosmic ray hit. They can appear stellar if they are coming towards the sensor rather than across it. You would need a follow up image to confirm it.

My image is attached to show the 101 star.


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BL Tel


Thanks for your interest.

Maybe  the mark (?) that appears  is a photographic defect..

As I  received several photos (around  of 10) of this area (of this same person)  and  this mark does  not  appear in the other images,  I decided to inform the fact only for register.



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