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BLLAC in outburst

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BLLAC in outburst

We had a report yesterday from one of our observers that there is a BLLAC/QSO in outburst. Specifically, 1ES 1011+496/QSO B1011+496. The discovery and monitoring is thanks to Adolfo Darriba and Gianpiero Locatelli.

This object is located in Ursa Major at 10:15:04.14, +49:26:00.8. Its magnitude in V has increased from 15.552 on 12/28/2019 to 15.043 as of 2/5/2020 and appears to be rapidly rising.

This would be a good object to observe for anyone interested in high energy objects. Observations in any/all bands are welcome.

The light curve can be found on VSX under QSO B1011+496.

Dave H.


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