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Problem uploading transforms

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Problem uploading transforms

I generated some transforms using TG V6.4. At the end of the process it produced an ini file (see attached but changed to a txt file).

I went to VPHOT/Admin/Telescope setup/Load transforms from ini file and selected the ini file from TG.

I got a server error (see attched bug.txt) 

Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug? (I'm sure I have done this in the past and it worked).


File Upload: 
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VPhot ini file load problem

Sorry about the problem. I believe it is caused by the extra '=' signs in the configuration section of the ini file. Try cleaning those up.

I'll check in more detail soonest.

Thank you for the error report!


Ini file problem

Thanks for looking at that George, I have tried removing one, two, or all of the = signs. I have tried various combinations of simplified description line but I always get an SQL Sysntax error of some sort. There always seems to be missing space beween the contents of the "Comment= ..." field and the "where id=" clause.

I tried removing the description line completely, but it did not like that. 

Not critical as I can insert the transform manually, but nice to get fixed some time


I tried again today and it

I tried again today and it worked fine. Thanks.

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