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NOT calibrated images uploaded from T5

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NOT calibrated images uploaded from T5

Hi Geir,I have a strange problem:since few weeks,but I realized now,my images have the red dot as not cal.I downloaded a couple from vPhot and they are not calibrated.The problem is that on the log of my images as admin I see all my files and the have the name Calibrated-G05-spadovan-KT for example and all are like that and should be calibrated but if I take a look at the 2 images on T5 server the calibrated and not calibrated the image the vPhot has is not calibrated but the name is Calibrated!so strange,this happened since 2 months.Now,is it a problem of vphot or in some way T5 upload the wrong image with the right name?But if I download the Calibrated from T5 it is calibrated,in the meantime I wrote also to Brad at iTelescope.
Thanks a lot

Stefano 'T5' Padovan

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Uncalibrated images

Hi Stefano,

I think the problem is on iTelescope's side. VPHOT does not calibrate images in any way. It only display the red box if the fields in the FITS header that mark the image as calibrated is missing. Nor is it involved in the image transfer from iTelescope.

Sounds like iTelescope is sending the wrong files. Have Brad check the flow in their scripts.


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