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not strictly AAVSO, but...

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not strictly AAVSO, but...

Just finished converting my 'alien skies' program to PHP, so will be putting it online soon. At the moment you have two sorts of choices: draw the sky as seen from a dropdown list of notable stars (Arcturus, Algol, Sirius, mu Arae etc) or input your own coordinates. At the moment, this generates an HTML table - obviously printable - of the stars in the alien sky, with their positions and magnitudes as seen from your chosen star. Next up is a graphical display, but that's not quite so simple to do in PHP as in VB6!

As I say, not strictly AAVSO, so I will understand if this post gets moved or trashed.

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Sounds like a job for d3!

Hi Kevin,


Interesting! You might want to look into implementing it in d3 (

Once Gaia starts returning data, you'll be able to do this to much larger distances! (



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Hi, Sorry but I'm not Kevin, I'm Mike! (ah what the heck, I forgive you) ;-)

D3 looks good for what I'm after. I have to say I hadn't even heard of it. I've actually done something similar in regular JavaScript/DHTML but that wasn't database-based - just a rough-and-ready animation showing how a sample star moves as your viewpoint changes from our solar system to another one.

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