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Notes from the telescope- March 2012

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Notes from the telescope- March 2012

The sky is beginning to clear here in Michigan, and I have had several chances to get out under the stars and visit some of my program LPVs recently. 

 S AUR- What is going on with this light curve? Changes in max and min, this SR is unpredictable and needs more convincing data in the light curve. I'm going to work on this star more often.

RR AUR- Plotted new charts. What a nice improvement. The prior 135 comp was a close double and played hell with my observations. My visual observation lined up well with my recent CCD data. Much better. I own this star lately.

V GEM- The faint end of the sequence had gaps. I filled them and revised the sequence. This is one of the double trouble stars. Still brightish right now, so not a problem.

RS AUR - Semi-Regular- CRAZY LIGHT CURVE! Needs more data. Good star for small scopes. 9-12th mag and unpredictable. What more do you want?

VY Aur - CCD and visual coverage thinning out. Needs more data.

V Aur - Another good one for small scopes 9.0-12.5v

S LEO- Had some bad gaps in the faint end of the sequence, right where we needed them! Fixed now. Try the new charts. 

TZ Leo- Had a huge gap 100-110. Comps to fill it were kinda far away to the south, but at least they are available now.

T UMa- Egad, 125-136 gap at faint end, right when we need better comps. I see the sequence team has made revisions since I plotted my chart. Bad Mike. Shamy, shamy...

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Thanks for the inspiration!

Thanks for the inspiration! I'm putting TZ Leo and S Leo on my list, and I've updated my T UMa charts.

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