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Nova Sgr 2014 Alert Notice 497

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Nova Sgr 2014 Alert Notice 497

The IAU CBAT TOCP has a report of a possible nova in Sgr = PNV J18250860-2236024
R.A. 18h25m08.60s Decl. -22°36'02.4" (J2000.0)
8.7 mag (unfiltered) on 2014 January 26.857 UT

It was discovered by Furuyama and has been confirmed by Noguchi. Details are at:

Folow-up, particularly spectroscopy to determine the nature of this object, is needed.

Many thanks and good observing  -  Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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Hi friends, My

Hi friends,

My observation:

2014 Jan 28.3264, m = 10.1 (using 99 and 102, Tycho-2 stars, 180mm reflector)

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Alert Notice 497 on Nova Sgr 2014 issued

AAVSO Alert Notice 497 has been issued on Nova Sgr 2014 = PNV J18250860-2236024. This Alert Notice also contains an Erratum regarding AAVSO Alert Notice 496 on V745 Sco.

Good observing!   Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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