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NSVS 1461135 image problem

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NSVS 1461135 image problem

I've observed this star on six nights starting in late August.  VPhot had no problem with any of those images.  With the most recent image (as before, a single 120s exposure) the VSX catalog tool says there's no variable in the field.  If I click on the star to label it as a target the measuring aperture and annulus jump several seconds to the SE.

The comparison stars load normally.  The FITS header doesn't seem to indicate any problem with the plate solution.  There doesn't seem to have been any recent position revision in the VSX.  I tried deleting, then uploading the image again, but I get the same problem. 

I've attached the image.  Thanks for any help or advice on getting this image to work in VPhot.

Phil Sullivan  SPP





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