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OC61 nights being processed

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OC61 nights being processed

OC61 is now at the point where it is producing reliable data.  We have implemented the automated pipeline, and have started doing final processing on many nights of existing data.  Those of you with OC61 projects will now start to see images appearing in the VPHOT account or the ftp site.

There are a few problems with OC61 data.  On some occasions the first image taken at the field has streaked images, looking like the telescope was bouncing between two RA values.  Any observation at airmass 2 or greater is likely to be vignetted by the lower dome slit shutter (this is an AshDome, and the bottom shutter is not automated and so is left closed unless an extremely important observation is to be made).  The weather tends to change quickly at Mt. John, so the first few hours of a night may be good and then a rapid deterioration, either due to clouds or wind.  However, parts of about 50% of the nights are useful.  Finally, there are a few fields that don't get plate solved for some reason, so I cannot guarantee that the telescope was pointing at the right location.

However, the telescope is producing good data, so I hope you will be happy with the results!


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Observing time at OC61

Hi Arne,

how to request observing time at OC61?

I would have a rather faint target to observe for 1-2h or so, hence a larger scope would be great to use.


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