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OC61 targets in southern hemisphere

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OC61 targets in southern hemisphere

I'm traveling to Mt. John in about a week to continue debugging the 24-inch telescope.  If anyone has specific targets in the southern hemisphere for which they want images, let me know.  I'll be happy to do single-night snapshots or perhaps a time series, depending on how the telescope performs.  BVgri available; 13x13arcmin FOV; 6<V<20mag.


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To: Arne, How about these

To: Arne,

How about these gems:

BT Tel 18:11:35.27 -55:35:11.2 (RR type, range 14.7-15.9)

IZ Tel 20:28:44 -56:20:43 (EA type, range 12.06-14.06)

RS Gru 21:43:04.22 -48:11:22.2 (HADS type, range 7.94-8.48)

TT Hor 03:27:04.4 -45:52:56.6 (EA type, range 9.8-10.5)

B&V filtered shots would be great with RS Gru & TT Hor needing short exposures (5-15 seconds) To get SNR of >30k adu and IZ Tel & BT Tel needing longer exposures (30-90 seconds) to get SNR of >20k adu on the stars, especially if they are in the quiescent portion of their range.   If you we're to get 25 B&Vs. on the last two (short exposure) and 12 B&Vs on the first two (long exposure) that would be great.

I can do an ensemble reduction if there are at least 4 comp starts in the fields shot.  I would use you code as the observer.....

Sincerely yours,

James Foster

Los Angeles, CA

obs code: FJQ

p.s.  The OC61 sounds familiar to the scope I used at JPL's Table Mountain Facility.  It was a 24-inch f/10 with a 1k x 1k LN2 cooled ccd.  Glad to hear you have similar sized equipment down south!  Be safe.

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How about PNV J05202109-7305433 (OGLE-2012-NOVA-003)?  Appears to be in fairly rapid decline - under-observed only 4 OGLE IV observations in I-band (25 Oct - 04 Nov) and one R-filtered CCD obs (05 Nov).  BVRI would be handy.  Not in AAVSO database yet.  I tried an RGB image on 08 Nov but only got a faint trace, maybe mid mag 15s unfiltered.

Cheers -

Rob Kaufman, KBJ

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To:  Arne Here is one

To:  Arne

Here is one more.....

BB Dor 05:29:28.64 -58:54:46.6 (Type: NL/VY-U Gem type?, Range 14.3-19.3 V-mag)

This is a cataclysmic variable with a 3.93 hrs period.  It was mentioned in the recent Cornell article on Kepler's observations of V447 Lyr.  This will probably be the best star to benefit with a large apeture scope with a long (4.5hr) time series and short (60-sec) exposures with V filter.



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