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Odd Behavior of WW Cet

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Joined: 2010-07-24

After a great many years of apparently exhibiting only normal UG-like behavior (consult a LCG 5k day plot), over the past couple of observing seasons 0006-12 WW Cet, classified currently as a UGZ-type star, has shown almost continuous highly peculiar activity. The star's apparent range has dramatically contracted and it has been experiencing a series of rather dissimilar standstill-like events.

I would call attention to the fact that since mid September the star, after having fallen to an apparent minimum state in August, WW entered a new standstill-like phase with the magnitude fluctuating in the mid 13's.

J.Bortle   (BRJ) 

WW Cet
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Joined: 2010-07-24

My observations are showing the same result. I observed WW Cet very early in this observing season which was around the 14.0 mag range, then faded to the 15's for a while and now back up the the 13.0 mag. range and holding. WW Cet has not had a decent outburst since it's first recorded standstill.



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