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An Open Letter to AAVSO Membership

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An Open Letter to AAVSO Membership

I have placed An Open Letter to AAVSO Membership on the Governance Forum.  It is intended to start a discussion on the qualities we should look for in AAVSO Council Members.  There have been several replies to this posting already.  Please read when you have a chence.


Council Member Qualifications

This blankety blank new system of having discussions is a pain in the blankety blank. First, it was too complicated to subscribe to the discussion groups and get individual emails. I had to get Lauren's help. I was told that when getting individual emails there is a place in the message one can click on to reply. There is none. So, I get on the discussion group, click on your message, and then click on reply, but it appears the reply is going only to you since the Subject field is blank.

Anyway, after relieving some of my frustration, this is what I wanted to say. Could you post your comments on the qualifications of Council Members in this general discussion group, i.e., the group you informed us of your comments in the governance group? In a sense informing us of your comments but then having to join another discussion group, the governance group, to read them is counter to the idea of having created all these individual groups to begin with - it seems. I think the idea is to cut down on email messages, or limit the volumnicity (I think this is a word), of the amount of messages, but then to have to join another group to view your comments increases the messages I get unless I unsubscribe after looking at you message. Maybe I am missing something here.


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Hi Stan, I am glad to see

Hi Stan,

I am glad to see that you were able to post!  Your message was seen by every reader of this forum, and was emailed to everyone subscribed to this forum.  You can post without a Subject field.  I am about to leave for the weekend, but if you forward me one of the emails you've received, I can email you back on Monday to tell you which link you should click on in order to reply.

Donn had created copies of his post both here and in the Governance forum, and we deleted the one here in order to keep all discussion in one place.  We actually have a rule where we ask that people make posts in only one place, so all discussion stays there, but Donn pointed out that we never listed that rule when we created the forums.  That has been corrected now (forum rules are listed here), but because of the confusion over the unlisted rule, I gave Donn special permission to make this post.  I asked Donn to keep all discussion in the Governance post, which he agreed to.  That is why this post is just a link to the other one.

Stan, what I did do is subscribe you to Donn's post in Governance, but not to the whole group.  That way, you won't get any extra emails except the ones from his post.  I am happy to explain to you how to do this yourself in the future, or I can just as easily do it for you.  Just let me know at

Lauren Rosenbaum

AAVSO Administrative Assistant

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One more thing: The link to

One more thing: The link to Donn's post is . Please note that because it is in a members-only forum, you will only be able to see it if you are a current member of the AAVSO and are logged into the website.  If you are a logged-in member and still can't see the post, please let me know at and I will help you figure it out.

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