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Optical data on V2492 Cyg needed to support X-ray obs

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Optical data on V2492 Cyg needed to support X-ray obs

The young stellar variable V2492 Cyg (J2000 = 20 51 26.228 +44 05 23.88) has recently entered a bright phase in the optical, reaching V = 13.5 in early March. A team on which I'm a member has triggered a target-of-opportunity program for X-ray observations with XMM-Newton, which will observe the star on April 18-19, 2017.

One of my colleagues, Nicholas Grosso, has requested an AAVSO alert for this object over the next month. I'll post a followup on this forum if and when such an alert is granted, to link it here.

The basic idea is that we would like to monitor the behavior of this object in the optical (and near-IR, if possible) over the next two months, so that we can compare the X-ray and optical variations. It may be possible to rule out some models for the eruptive nature of this and similar objects if we see correlations (or the lack of correlations) in the light curves.

A single measurement in any standard filter (UBVRI or Sloan in the optical, JHK in the near-IR) once per night, or once per 2-3 nights, would give us the information we need. The object is visible for only an hour or two before dawn, so this might be inconvenient for some observers.

Thank you very much in advance for your help. Please ask questions in this forum topic, and I'll do my best to answer them.

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