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OQ Carinae: A New Southern Z Cam Type Dwarf Nova

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OQ Carinae: A New Southern Z Cam Type Dwarf Nova

Rod Stubbings has discovered a new southern Z Cam hiding in the weeds disguised as a hum drum dwarf nova no one has paid attention to in years.

Known to be a CV since 1998, OQ Car has been all but ignored in the literature and by observers. Rod started monitoring it in 2000 to see if he could determine the characteristics of this neglected system.

In January this year, after a normal outburst, the star got stuck on its way down to minimum, the classic indication it might be a Z Cam. After a couple weeks in standstill Rod contacted me and asked if I wanted to collaborate on a paper announcing his find. 

Today the paper is available on arXiv.

Congratulations to Rod. His story is a testament to the value of patience, persistence and visual observations.
Mike Simonsen
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OQ Car

Congratulations, Rod. Another fine job well done :-)

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