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Other Centennials

The AAVSO is not the only citizen science organization that celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. The American Meteor Society (AMS) also celebrated it's centennial. But the connection with the AAVSO goes beyond that.

The idea to celebrate the AMS' centennial originally came from member/observer Chris Stephan. He called HQ in December and told me about the AMS birthday and suggested we do something to commemorate it. It's another example of how our best ideas come from membership, not HQ. If you have any idea or suggestion, please don't be shy to e-mail it to staff or bring it up to us in person, in the chat room and/or at a membership meeting.  As a token of friendship and appreciation, we sent a certificate mounted on a wooden plaque to Dr. Meisel, Executive Director of the AMS.

The certificate plaque is modeled on one given to the AAVSO by the American Astronomical Society in May, 2011 to commemorate our own 100th anniversary. It is mounted on a wall in our entrance foyer at the bottom of our stair case. It is signed by Debra M. Elmegreen, President of the AAS and Kevin Marvel, Executive Officer. A low resolution picture of it is below.

It reads:

The AAS thanks the members and staff of the AAVSO for their long-term dedication and efforts to astronomical research. By observing the brightness of variable stars and other objects, which Professional astronomers cannot follow for long periods of time, the AAVSO, its members and the amateur observers it supports have made a significant contribution to astronomical research.

The AAS congratulates the AAVSO on its one-hundredth anniversary and looks forward to another century of collaboration with its members and supporters.

Beyond our joint birth year and the fact that both organizations engage in citizen science, the AMS has another connection to the AAVSO: Clinton B. Ford. In addition to contributing to the AAVSO endowment, he contributed to the endowment of many other astronomical and musical organizations. The AMS was one of them. His contribution allowed the AMS to "reorganize and modernize" in the early 1990's, similar to the AAVSO.

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