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Outburst activity of symbiotic system AG Dra

AG Dra is a well known bright symbiotic binary with a white dwarf and a pulsating red giant. The long-term photometry monitoring and a new behaviour of the system are presented. The detailed period analysis of photometry as well as spectroscopy was carried out. In the system of AG Dra, two periods of variability are detected. The longer one around 550 days is related to the orbital motion, and the shorter one around 355 days is interpreted as pulsations of the red giant in our older paper. In addition the active stages change distinctively, but the outbursts are repeated with the periods from 359 to 375 days.

Authors: Ladislav Hric, Rudolf Galis, Laurits Leedjärv, Mari Burmeister, Emil Kundra

Read the pre-print on arXiv


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