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PhotomCap 24

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PhotomCap 24

Hi All,

I am mentoring a new person who is starting out in photometry. I would like for him to have a copy of the fabulous program by George Silvis "PhopotomCap v. 24". I cannot find this program on the AAVSO website and I cannot find any reference to Gerge or Photomcap. Does anyone know how the person I am mentoring can get a copy of Photomcap or at least get in contact with George?



Keith Graham


Photomcap location

Is this it?

Jim DeYoung (DEY)

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Photomcap location

I was running version 18 just fine. Yes, that's the correct location at GitHub. Your thread about version 24 made me "upgrade". I don't know what's changed, however.



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