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Positive and Negative Superhumps

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Positive and Negative Superhumps

Study of Negative and Positive Superhumps in ER Ursae Majoris

This paper has just been released.

Please can someone direct me to a place that describes positive and negative superhumps in language that can be understood by a layman (if that is possible).


Stephen [HSP]

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positive and negative superhumps

Positive superhump is the "classic" superhump: it's period is longer than the orbital period of the CV.
Negative superhump: it's period is shorter than the the orbital period of the CV.

Regarding the physical origin of these superhumps there are various theories. Some of them can be found here:

Clear skies,


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positive and negative superhumps

Thanks, Robert. Much appreciated


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Negative superhumps

"Cataclysmic Variable Stars" by Coel Hellier is the standard text on the subject.  Look at Chapter 6 for a short synopsis of superhumps. 


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