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possible aurora tonight

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possible aurora tonight


Okay, not strictly variable stars (unless you count the sunspot activity as variation) - just been outside to look at VS, and can't. There's a huge auroral display (I think... could be wrong, but have a look anyway) which seems to be covering over half of the sky. I'm going to look really silly if I'm wrong, I know. But take a look anyway. I'm at about 52 North.

Matthew Templeton
active sun

A few days ago I went out with just a solar filter, and there was a large sunspot group (AR1944) obvious to the unaided eye. is calling for moderate chance of activity over the next 24 hours, so it would not be surprising.  Enjoy the show if you get them!

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Nothing here

I've just come in while some clouds have rolled in, I didn't notice any activty, maybe I'm too far south at 46°.

I'll have a look later on if it clears.

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Tried again later the same

Tried again later the same evening, and now I am not so sure, although it had clouded up a bit.

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