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Possible nova or large-amplitude dwarf nova in Aquila: PNV J19150199+0719471

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Matthew Templeton
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Hi everyone,

I'm posting this in the nova forum for follow-ups.  A new bright transient was discovered in Aquila by K. Itagaki on May 30, and posted to CBET's Transient Objects Confirmation Page.  I haven't seen spectral confirmation yet, however Taichi Kato noted on VSNET that based on photometric colors and a large proper motion this may be a WZ Sge-type dwarf nova.

Position as measured by Enrique de Miguel is (J2000): 19:15:02.047 , +07:19:46.78

Spectroscopic followups are encouraged, as are time-series observations in case superhumps appear.

AAVSO chart and sequence available
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Brand new AAVSO sequence and chart is now available for

PNV J19150199+0719471.

It wan be downloaded from VSP:

Clear skies,

Róbert Fidrich (FRF)

UGWZ or nova?
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Looking at the BRVI photometry of S. Kyota I was also thinking that this PNV might be an UGWZ dwarf nova...

Btw the star was discovered by Itagaki on May 31, although it was visible on prediscovery images of T. Kojima made on May 30.

Spectrum of PNV
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An amateur team (Thomas Eversberg and Lothar Schanne) at Teide got a spectrum (Echelle on IAC80)

See :

Obviously a cataclysmic with a double pic emission line in the broader absorption

Best regards

François Teyssier


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