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Possible outburst of [OSP2002] BRC 31 26

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Possible outburst of [OSP2002] BRC 31 26

Hi to all, while I was working on an picture of IC 5070, the Pelican Nebula, I noticed that a star changed its brightness considerably between two different set of images taken on different nights. During the 1st, taken the night of 11-12 august 2013, the object was ~1.5 magnitude brighter than during the 2nd, which was obtained the night of 3-4 september 2013. I'm not a variable stars observer but I think that it would be interesting to know if someone has imaged the same famous subject in the same date or want to observe this star again. I've put an entry in the VSX database, thanks to Sebastian Otero's patience and support and the technical specifications for the attached images are as follows: Meade SCT 14" Classic at f/10, CCD SBIG ST-8XE+AO7 unfiltered, binning 1x1; each picture is a Sigma Clip combination of 3x1500" images, dark subtracted and flat calibrated, taken from Promiod, Aosta Valley, Italy. Clear skies, Marco Cianci

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