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The Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers
Volume 43, Number 2, 2015

Table of Contents


Variable Stars and Science and Math Education
John R. Percy    

Variable star analysis

A Photometric Study of the Misclassified Variable AK Ursae Minoris
Horace A. Dale III, Lauren A. Sgro    

Pulsation Properties of Carbon and Oxygen Red Giants
John R. Percy, Danping Joanna Huang    

Observations and Analysis of Three Field RR Lyrae Stars Selected using Single-epoch SDSS Data
W. Lee Powell Jr., Stephanie N. Jameson, Nathan De Lee, Ronald J. Wilhelm    

Investigation of Structure in the Light Curves of a Sample of Newly Discovered Long Period Variable Stars
Eric R. Craine, Roger B. Culver, Richard Eykholt, K. M. Flurchick, Adam L. Kraus, Roy A. Tucker, Douglas K. Walker    

Period Analysis, Photometry, and Astrophysical Models of the Eclipsing Binary TW Crucis
David J. W. Moriarty    

Validation of “Sloan Magnitudes for the Brightest Stars” and Suggestions for Observing with Small Telescopes
Anthony Mallama, Bruce Krobusek    

Discovery of an “Eclipse” in the WC9d-Type Wolf-Rayet Star, WR 53
Rod Stubbings    

A Photometric Study of the Eclipsing Variable Star NSVS 3068865
Robert C. Berrington, Erin M. Tuhey    

Early Sixty-Day Observations of V5668 Sgr using a DSLR Camera
Shishir Deshmukh    

Studies of RV Tauri and SRD Variables
John R. Percy    

Recently Refined Periods for the High Amplitude d Scuti Stars V1338 Centauri, V1430 Scorpii, and V1307 Scorpii
Roy Andrew Axelsen    

Multi-Filter Photometric Analysis of Three β Lyrae-type Eclipsing Binary Stars
Tyler Gardner, Gage Hahs, Vayujeet Gokhale    

Seventeen New Variable Stars Detected in Vulpecula and Perseus
Riccardo Furgoni    

Multiband CCD Photometry of CY Aquarii using the AAVSOnet
David E. Cowall    

Data Mining Analysis for Eclipsing Binary TrES-Cyg3-04450
David H. Hinzel    

New Variable Stars Discovered by Data Mining Images Taken during Recent Asteroid Photometric Observations.
Results from the Year 2015
Riccardo Papini, Lorenzo Franco, Alessandro Marchini, Fabio Salvaggio    

New Photometric Observations and the 2015 Eclipse of the Symbiotic Nova Candidate ASAS J174600-2321.3
Franz-Josef Hambsch, Stefan Hümmerich, Klaus Bernhard, Sebastián Otero    

High-Cadence B-Band Search for Optical Flares on BY Dra
Gary A. Vander Haagen    

Spurious One-Month and One-Year Periods in Visual Observations of Variable Stars
John R. Percy    

Changing Periods of ST Puppis
Stan Walker, Neil Butterworth, Andrew Pearce    

A Photometric Study of the Eclipsing Binary Star BN Ari
Edward J. Michaels    

Variable star data

Recent Minima of 171 Eclipsing Binary Stars
Gerard Samolyk    

Instruments, methods, and techniques

Simultaneous Collocated Photometry
Tom Calderwood, Evan Getz, Tom McBratney, Eric Holcomb    

History and biography

As International as They Would Let Us Be
Virginia Trimble    

Letter to the editor

The End of an Era
James W. Hanner    

Abstracts of Papers and Posters Presented at the 104th Spring Meeting of the AAVSO, Held in Muncie, Indiana, June 4–6, 2015

General Paper Session Part I

Light Curves and Period Changes for Type II Cepheids in the Globular Cluster M13
Horace A. Smith, Mary Anderson, Wayne Osborn, Andrew Layden, Grzegorz Kopacki, Barton Pritzl, Andrew Kelley,
Keith McBride, Michael Alexander, Charles Kuehn, Aron Kilian, Eric King, David Carbajal, R. Lustig, Nathan De Lee    

The BSU Short Period Variable Stars Progam (poster)
Robert Berrington, Thomas Jordan, Erin Tuhey    

Adventures in Transformations: TG, TA, Oh My! (poster)
Marco Ciocca    

Sunlight in the Spotlight in the International Year of Light (poster)
Kristine Larsen    

Variable Star Projects—A Southern Perspective (poster)
Andrew Pearce, Stan Walker    

The SIDdatagrabber (poster)
George Silvis    

Transforms Explained (poster)
George Silvis    

General Paper Session Part II

Double Trouble
Mike Simonsen    

Standard Stars for the BYU H-a Photometric System
Michael Joner, Eric Hintz    

Roll-Off Roof Observatory Construction
Joseph H. Ulowetz    

General Paper Session Part III

Thomas Cragg Proves to Be a Good Observer
Rodney Howe, Frédéric Clette    

Searching for Motion within the Solar Atmosphere
Susan N. Oatney    27

Study of Eclipsing Binary Systems NSVS 7322420 and NSVS 5726288
Matthew Knote    

A Search for Exoplanets in Short-Period Eclipsing Binary Star Systems
Ronald Kaitchuck, Garrison Turner, Joseph Childers    258

Stellar Presentations
Donna Young    

General Paper Session Part IV

The Nature of Z Cam Standstills
Mike Simonsen    

The Lyncis Two for One Special
Michael Joner, Eric Hintz    

Automated Supernova Discovery
Richard S. Post    

General Paper Session Part V

IM Normae: A Second T Pyx?
Joe Patterson, Berto Monard, Paul Warhurst, Gordon Myers    

Globular Cluster Variable Stars—Atlas and Coordinate Improvement using AAVSOnet Telescopes
Doug Welch, Arne Henden, Taylor Bell, Cissy Suen, Ian Fare, Alison Sills    

A LARI Experience
Michael Cook    

Index to Volume 43   

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