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Problem CCD Obs of Nv Sct '17

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Problem CCD Obs of Nv Sct '17

Has anyone else taken note of the CCD observations by a couple of our colleagues, AFSA and GFDB, that are distinctly at odds with the rest of our data? These individuals may be employing a different set of CCD comp stars from the AAVSO standard when making at least their V observations, producing a plot consistantly off by fully half a magnitude from other CCD and visual data. Both are from the same country, suggesting this possibility. This has been going on for some time now. Since the former observer seems particularly prolific, it might be prudent if someone at HQ contacted these folks to see what is going on.

J.Bortle   (BRJ)


Deconinck Michel
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I agree

I also saw that, my last estimation, yesterday, was +11.2 visually, that's consistent with the visual and V curve except for those strange measures zones


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