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Problem importing AAVSO format data into Peranso

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Problem importing AAVSO format data into Peranso


I have tried to import AAVSO format data into Peranso Ver 2.51 without success.

Under OBsWin -> Add ObsSet for ObsWin --> Modify format...   I have selected File, 3 columns (Ignore,Time,Mag) , comma delimited and "AAVSO (>=2009) format".

In the preview table I get a "0" for the Ignore column (not sure what this means), the JDN for Time column (seems ok), but just blanks for the Mag column.

I have tried reading the Peranso Manual, perhaps I am not picking the correct options.

Any help would be appreciated.









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import format

I had a lot of trouble getting the preset formats to work also.  You didn't mention how the file is generated, but you might start by looking at the file with a text editor like Notepad to see how it's formated.  I use the free format section of the Modify Format box.  I make sure the file is comma delimited(it seems to work reliably) and count the columns, mine is 15.  Then you can select which of the 15 columns you want to import.  Column 1 is usually ignored as it is the target name, column 2 should be the time, column 3 is mag.  Also, while looking at your data file, determine which line the data starts on, you'll want to skip the header lines, for me, it begins at line 7.

When you select 'Import Data' you should see all the columns as they appear in the Notepad view and all the lines of data.  You can scroll sideways to see all the columns.  Since you are seeing a '0' in the first column the import is starting at the wrong location for the import or it's not reading a delimiter correctly.


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Hi Thanks Bill, I just got it


Thanks Bill,

I just got it to work. The trick is that "AAVSO (>=2009) format" radio button must be off, while the "data contains" button is on. Under certain conditions both buttons remain on.

My AAVSO data was processed by VPhot.




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