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Problem with Submitting Individual Observations

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Problem with Submitting Individual Observations

I have had ongoing problems when submitting data for some variables with long names. WebObs gives me the following message

"We cannot find a previous chart used for this object. Please enter the chart used."

when I have just submitted data on that very same star and entered the chart not 10 minutes previously.

Here are two examples of stars that cause problems:

SSS 120731:214217-674801

SSS 120725:202916-505847


I wonder if it the colon (:) that is causing the problem?


This was also reported by someone else in the past. Please could my posting be acknowledged and the issue addressed.


Thanks in anticipation


Stephen [HSP]

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I have the same problem

Stephen, I also have noticed this issue when entering certain stars. I think they also have have the long names, but the problem occurs even if I enter by AUID. It highlights in red that I haven't entered a chart for it before, but in fact I have, and do every time, but it just doesn't seem to "remember" this.

One such star is: SDSS J225749.54-082228.7 (AUID = 000-BJS-729)

Hope this "bug" can be resolved!

Mike LMK

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Thanks for bringing this to

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll look into it.

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Thanks for bringing this to

Thanks, Will :-)

Stephen [HSP]

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