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			AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 154 (February 14,1992)


William Liller, Vina del Mar, Chile, reports his discovery, using the PROBLICOM method, of 
a possible nova in Sagittarius on February 13.35 UT at photographic magnitude 7.0 (two 
exposures were made). An earlier exposure made on February 7.35 showed nothing to 
magnitude 10. The approximate position of the object (epoch 1950) is

				RA 18h 06.8m   Decl. -25deg 51'

The object was independently discovered photographically by Paul Camilleri, Cobram, Victoria, 
Australia, on February 13.743 UT at magnitude 7.5. An earlier photograph made on February 
6.739 showed nothing to magnitude 10.

Accompanying is a finder chart from the AA VSO Variable Star Atlas showing the object. Also 
enclosed is a Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand chart which gives a fainter sequence. 
Please use these charts to observe this possible nova, and report your observations to AAVSO 
Headquarters so we may inform the astronomical community. When you report your observations, 
please be sure to tell us which sequence you are using.

Congratulations to Bill and to Paul on their discoveries!


We have been asked once again to assist astronomers at the Planetary Science Institute 
in Arizona with their ongoing (Le., there is no cut-off date) IDE observations of 
high-galactic latitude cataclysmic variables in outburst. As described in AA VSO Alert 
Notice 145, they are interested in monitoring the outbursts with IDE and in arranging 
simultaneous ground­based photometric and spectroscopic observations.

The new list of stars in which the astronomers are interested is given below.

 Desig.		Name		Max - Min	Desig.		Name		Max - Min		
 0103+59	HT Cas		12.6-19.32 V	1841+43		V344 Lyr	14.5-(20  P	
 0139+37	AR And		11.0-17.3  P	1841+37		AY Lyr		12.5-18.4 B	
 0203+56a	UV Per		11.0-17.5  V	1932+02		Vl141 Aql 	14.5-20.0 P	
 0457+26	HW Tau		11.5-(17   P	1951-09		UU Aql		11.0-16.8 P	
 1701-32	FQ See		12.0-18.45 B	2003+17		WZ Sge		7.0-15.53 B	
 1723-42	MM See		13.0-18.53 B	2110+13		EF Peg		10.7-(17  P	
 1725-62	FV Ara		12-(18	   P	2325+43		DX And		10.9-16.4 P	
 1754-34b	V551 Sgr	13.5-20	   P					

The astronomers are still interested in any outburst activity of the stars on their first target		
list, included here for your reference.	
Desig.	Name	Max - Min	Desig.		Name	Max - Min		
0418-13	AH Eri	13.5-17.5 P	1439+22a	UZ Boo	11.5-(16.1V	
1132+02	RZ Leo	11.5-17.5 P	1454+41		TT Boo	12.7-(15.6P		
1147+49	BC UMa	10.9-18.3 B	2106-09		VY Aqr	8.0-16.6 P		
1227+14	AL Com	13.0-20.0 P	2125-03		VZ Aqr	11.3-17.2 P		

Please monitor these stars, and call in to Headquarters your observations of any you see 
go into outburst. Telephone calls to Headquarters in connection with the above request 
will be reimbursed by the astronomers. Please submit your telephone charges to Headquarters 
for reimbursement.

Your close mpnitoring of the cataclysmic variables listed above and prompt reporting of 
any activity is critical to the success of these observing runs.

I thank you very much for your efforts and for your valuable astronomical contributions.

Janet A. Mattei

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484