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                 AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 203 (March 3, 1995)


We have been informed by William Liller, Vina del Mar, Chile, of his
photographic discovery of a nova in the Large Magellanic Cloud on March 2.11 UT.
This nova was discovered during a PROBLICOM survey at approximate visual
magnitude 10.7, using Kodak TP film.  The nova was also seen at magnitude 12.6
on a photograph taken by Liller on Feb 25.146.  It was not visible down to
magnitude 14 on a photograph taken on Feb 17.  Also, no image is visible at this
position on the True Visual Magnitude Photographic Atlas by C. Papadopoulos.

P. Kilmartin, Mt. John University Observatory, New Zealand, reports the
following position measured by A. C. Gilmore (via Nova Net):

        R.A. = 05h 26m 50.33s     Dec. = -70 degrees 01' 23.8" (2000).

Spectroscopic confirmation of N LMC 95 was obtained by M. Della Valle and
N. Masetti, Universita di Padova, and S. Benetti, European Southern Observatory,
who report that "a fully-reduced CCD spectrogram obtained on Mar 3.03 UT with
the ESO NTT telescope (+ EMMI) confirm...a nova at maximum light or soon
after,[showing]...strong emission lines and narrow P-Cygni absorption lines"
(via Nova Net).

Additional observations of N LMC 95 include Mar 3.0174, 10.79 CCDV, Liller
(average of 5 frames); and Mar 3.7826, 11.3, D. Overbeek, Edenvale, S. Africa.

Please use the accompanying charts from the AAVSO Variable Star Atlas and
provided by W. Liller to observe N LMC 95, and report your observations to
Headquarters, so we may inform the astronomical community.

Congratulations to Bill on his latest discovery!


We continue to report on the status of the 17 cataclysmic variables to the
Astro-2 team daily, thanks to reports from observers around the world.

Below is a report on the status of the observing targets, using the
observations we received from last night (March 2-3) and today (March 3):

RX And - at minimum (13.8 magnitude)
AR And - at minimum (16.7 CCDV)
WX Hyi - at minimum (fainter than 13.8)
RW Tri - in its maximum state (13.1)
EF Eri - no observations
VW Hyi - at minimum 13.4
U Gem  - at minimum (14.3)
YZ Cnc - fading from a short outburst
Z Cam  - undergoing an outburst, at maximum (10.6)
EX Hya - no observations received.  As of Feb 27/28 at minimum (12.7)
AM Her - in its high state (13.0)
EM Cyg - no observations received.  As of Mar 2 at minimum (13.9)
SS Cyg - at minimum (11.9)
SW UMa - at minimum (fainter than 15.5)
OY Car - no observations received. As of Dec 30 at minimum (fainter than 13.2)
BV Cen - no observations received.  As of Dec 30 at minimum (fainter than 12.7)
HL CMa - Undergoing an outburst - at about 11.3

Contributing observers to date:
 W. Albrecht (USA);J. Bortle (USA);S. Brincat (Malta);G. Comello (Netherlands);
 A. Dill (USA);W. Dillon (USA);G. Emerson (USA);T. Hager (USA);R. Hays,Jr.(USA);
 E. Halbach (USA);J. Hers (S. Africa);L. Jensen (Denmark);M. Kohl (Switzerland);
 G. Lubcke (USA);J. McKenna (USA);J. Pietz (Germany);G. Poyner (England);
 J. Ripero (Spain);P. Robbins (USA);R. Royer (USA);G. Samolyk (USA);
 P. Schmeer (Germany);N. Simmons (USA);C. Stephan (USA);R. Stewart (USA);
 L. Szentasko (Hungary);B. Tekatch (Canada);S. Toothman (USA);S. Tracy (USA);
 M. Westlund (Sweden);D. York (USA);R. Zissell (USA).

Please continue your close monitoring of the observing targets and report
your observations as you observe them nightly (EVEN IF THE STARS ARE AT

Observers are welcome to use our charge-free number (800-642-3883) to report
observations.  The answering machine is on nights and weekends for your
convenience.  We also encourage observers to send observations by fax at
617-354-0665 or by e-mail through the Internet at

Many thanks for your efforts and valuable astronomical contributions.

Good observing!

Janet A. Mattei

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484