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A Study of the Lightcurve of R-Aquarii 1933 To 1981

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Peter M. Garnavich

12408 Stafford Lane, Bowie, MD 20715




The light curve of R Aquarii over a period containing two eclipses was analyzed. An attempt was made to reduce light variations caused by the Mira component, in order to better determine a period for the eclipses. Light variations due to the blue component were apparently unimportant over the years studied. The period of the binary was found to be 47 2 years and, with the Mira variations removed, a second minimum could be seen between the two primary eclipses.

 The O-C curve of R Aquarii was also studied, and was found to have a large sinusoidal component with an amplitude of 17 days and a period half that of the binary system.


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