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The 32-YEAR Cycle in Algol

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Anthony D. Mallama

Computer Sciences Corporation, Silver Spring, MD 20910




Five new photoelectrically times minima of Algol are reported, JD (hel.) 2443909.6538 , 2444167.7182, 2444236.5321, 2444560.5340, and 2444623.6180. The ephermis of Friesboes-Conde, Herczeg, and Hog (2434705.5493 + 2.86732442Ed) is still a good predictor if a correction term with 32-year periodicity is added.


Apsidal motion is eliminated as the cause for the 32-year periodicity in the times of primary minimum because times of secondary minimum derived from obsrvations in the literature do not fit that model, the deviation being at least 6 sigma. Likewise the 32-year effect appears to be unrelated to asymmetry in the light curve, at more than a 3 sigma confidence level.


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