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Horizons Beyond Sol

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Kenneth C. Beckmann

201 West Springfield, Union, MO  63084




Serious nova hunters would benefit from research on historical novae, in order to become familiar with their nature and distribution in the Milky Way. Identifying and searching high-activity windows, areas where novae gather or cluster in large numbers, are the keys to successful nova hunting (Beckmann 1981). Also, as an extension of my personal reseqrch, I noticed that some windows possessed within them miniature windows, or apparent nests of novae.


For the cold-weather nova hunter, Monoceros, Pyxis, and Puppis are excellent constellations to search for new windows. And for southern-hemisphere nova hunters, searching the Milky Way in Norma, Circinus, and Carina may increase the change of discovering a new nova.


A set of criteria are provided to aid in the identification of high-activity windows. (Copies of this article may be obtained from the author. Please remit $.70 for the cost of copying, and a self-addressed, $.37-stamped business size envelope.)


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