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Photoelectric Times of Minimum Light Collected by a Computer-Controlled Telescope

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David B. Skillman

4417 E. Lester Street, Tucson, AZ 85712




Thirty times of minimum light have been measured photoelectrically for 27 eclipsing binary systems: AN And, QS Aql, V889 Aql, ι Boo, AW Cam, R CMa, RZ Cas, TW Cas, EM Cep, U CrB, RV Crv, Y Cyg, AI Dra, YY Eri, RX Her, SZ Her, μ Her, δ Lib (2), V566 Oph, ER Ori, AG Per (2), IZ Per, DM Per, CD Tau, V471 Tau, Z Vul (2), and RS Vul. No times of secondary minima are reported. The Δmagnitude at mid-eclipse is reported, along with comparison stars used. All minima occured between May 1980 and June 1982. Approximately 35 percent of these timings are of lesser quality, but are included in case there has been an observational gap for these stars. The heliocentric time ofmid-eclipse for V471 Tau was JD 2444645.58611. These minima were gathered using a computer-controlled telescope, and the advantage of freeing the observer from the task of collecting data on eclipsing binary stars has been demonstrated.


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