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The Classical Cepheid Program JD 2442000 - 2443000

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Thomas A Cragg

Anglo-Australian Observatory, Coonaberabran, N.S.W., 2857 Australia




AAVSO Observations of the long period Cepheid variables RW Cas, VX Per, SZ Cas, RW Cam, SV Per, AN Aur, SY Aur, SV Mon, T Mon, ST Pup, Ζ Gem, RU Cam, SS CMa, X Pup, AQ Pup, RS Pup, W Vir, AL Vir, RX Lib, Y Oph, RU Sct, Z Sct, SZ Aql, TT Aql, SV Vul, SZ Cyg, X Cyg, TX Cyg, Z Lac, and RY Cas have been compiled for the interval JD 2442000 - 2443000 (November 13, 1973 - August 9, 1976), and are presented as mean light curves, with accompanying comments. Also presented is a list of contributing observers and their observational totals.


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