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New Minima Timings for V1010 Ophiuchi

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David B. Williams

9270-A Racquetball Way, Indianapolis, IN 46260


Russel E. Milton

Spinks Ranch, Somes Bar, CA 95568


L.  Pazzi

Nigel Astronomical Observatory, 39 Buxton Avenue, Nigel 1490, South Africa


Rick Wasson

Sunset Hills Observatory, 15870 Del Prado Drive, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745




In 1982, minima of the short-period eclipsing binary V1010 Ophiuchi were found to occur more than 2.5 hours earlier than predicted by the light elements in the 3rd edition of the General Catalog of Variable Stars (GCVS). Twenty-six visual and photoelectric times of mid-eclipse during 1982-1986 are reported. O-C residuals from revised light elements in the 4th edition of the GCVS remain significant, and improved elements by Williams and Guinan are noted. The observations also indicate a time-keeping or calculating error in the times of minima given by Hamdy et. al. in IBVS 2818.


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