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Comparision of Light Variability and Water Maser Emission in V Canum Venaticorum

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Kristin A. Blais

Joanne M. Attridge

Irene Little-Marenin

Priscilla J. Benson

Astronomy Department, Whitin Observatory, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA 02181


Recieved 21 November 1988




The 22 GHz water maser emission for V CVN has been observed at Haystack Observatory approximately once each month from April 1987 to September 1988. The flux measurements from the data received during those runs have been collated and plotted both as a function of time and of phase. There is a correlation between the variablilty of the maser emission and the AAVSO light curve, but the maser emission has a 0.8 phase lag relative to the visual light curve. The visual light curve shows a distinct pattern suggestive of a beat phenomenon.


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