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The Periods of TY and TZ Canes Venatici

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Lauren V. Jones

Maria Mitchell Observatory, Nantucket, MA  02554


Received: 15 December 1988




The periods of TY and TZ Canes Venatici, both RR Lyrae stars, are studied by means of O-C

diagrams. The diagram for TY CVn is definitely not linear but the limited amount of data do not

define the functional form. Linear elements approximating the behavior in 1977-1987 are:

JD(max) = 2445294.188 + 0.51344266 E. TZ CVn seems to have a constant period, although slightly

different from the published value. The new elements are: JD(max) = 2434967.113 + 0.55187911 E.


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