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The 1988 Brightening of S Persei: Optical and Water Maser Variability

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Misti McConahay

Irene Little-Marenin

Priscilla J. Benson

Whitin Observatory, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA 02181


Received: 31 January 1990




The 2.2 GHz water maser fluxes in S Persei are graphed as a function of Julian Day and compared to the visual data compiled by the AAVSO. The features of the complex water maser spectra vary in intensity but not in unison. One set of features peaked about 35 days after the peak of the visual maximum, a second set of features peaked about 120 days after the visual maximum, while a third set of features shows little variation in flux. The changes in intensity of the features correlate with their position relative to the star. The features closer to the star react sooner.


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