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The Light Curve of the R Coronae Borealis Star NSV 6708 (V854 Centauri) and the Accuracy of

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Visual Estimates


W. A. Lawson

P. L. Cottrell

Mount John University Observatory, Department of Physics

University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand


F. M. Bateson

Variable Star Section, Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand

P. O. Box 3093, Taurange, New Zealand


Presented at the First European Meeting of the AAVSO Brussels, July 24-28, 1990




The R Coronae Borealis start NSV 6708 (V854 Centauri) has been monitored by visual observers for over four years and photoelectrically for two years. The comparison of the visual estimates and the photoelectric data offers some insight into the potential of accuracy of visual light curves. We also make some suggestions about the selection of comparison sequences and sources of error in visual estimates.


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