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Latest Large-Scale Light Curve Plots; Updated News Re AAVSO Published Light Curves

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Margaret W. Mayall

AAVSO, Cambridge, Mass.




Mrs. Mayall described details of several large blueprint light curves which were displayed in the lecture room. These included long-time observer favorites Z Cam, R CrB, and U Gem. In discussing the U-Gem curve Mrs. Mayall requested that observers with large telescopes attempt to observe the eclipses of this star. It was noted that copies of the blueprinted light curves can be purchased from Headquarters. Several computer-plotted light curves were displayed, and preparation of these for publication in AAVSO Report 29 was described. Prominent amoung these computer plots was that for SS Cygni. This was later converted into a special greeting, signed by all present, and sent to Harlow Shapley.


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