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New Sequences for Two Cepheid Variables

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Howard J. Landis

East Point, Georgia


Charles E. Scovil

Stamford, Connecticut




In order to encourage observers to assist in the Classical Cepheid Program (Cragg, 1972) we have started to develop new magnitude sequences for those stars requiring them. 203935 X Cyg, and 021959 SZ Cas are the first to be completed. For X Cyg the sequence stars are bright enough to have been measured with a photoelectric photometer attached to an 8" reflector. The new magnitudes have been incorporated into an existing 'a' chart and a new 'b' chart drawn by C. B. Ford. X Cyg is a binocular object throughout its range of about 5.8 to 7th magnitude, and is conveniently located near Epsilon Cygni. This star should be frequently observed.


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