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Three Long Period Variables in Sagittarius

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Barbara Hatfield

Maria Mitchell Observatory, Nantucket, Massachusetts




Several variables in VSF 193 in Sagittarius were studied during the suumer of 1972, three of which were of Mira type.


Variable B28* (18h 22m 55s, -22 50.9', 1900) was discovered to have varying amplitude, ranging from magnitude 13.3 to 13.7 for its low and high maxima, to magnitude 15 at minima, with a period of 249 days.


The second star, B29* ( 18h 27m 17s, -20 10.4', 1900) was discovered by Pamela Bonnell in 1971 on the Nantucket plates. The star varies from magnitude 11.6 to below 14.2. It appears to have a changing period. From about JD 18,000 to 33,000 a period of 345 days fits the data. From about 35,000 to the present the period appears to be 358 days. Whether this change is a single event or is part of a systematically varying period remains to be determined.


The third star B30* (18h 24m 35s, -28 07.0', 1900) also has a changing period. d


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