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CD Photometry of the RR Lyrae Star SS Leonis


A. L. Anderson

W. J. Bestman

S. A. Bieszke

J. Blanchard

M. R. McPherson

T. R. McWilliams

S. T. Mikusko

E. C. Morse

T. N. Philpott

P. Sasse

D. T. Slee

D. A. Ventimiglia

H. A. Smith

Department of Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824


Received: July 15, 1991




A new V light curve of the RR Lyrae star SS Leo shows no irregular fluctuations in brightness such as were reported by Skillen et al. (1987).  The long term period changes of SS Leo are discussed: SS Leo has remained constant in period for at least 27 years.


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