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Performance of Commercial CCD Cameras When coupled to Small Telescopes (3-12 Inch)


Gary Walker

Bailey Hill Observatory, Dover, MA 02030


Presented at the 3rd AAVSO CCD Workshop, June 6, 1993




CCDs have had a revolutionary effect on large, mountain-top astronomy (40-to 160-inch telescopes), and, more recently, on smaller, urban and suburban university astronomy research (12- to 200-inch telescopes). This paper explores the theoretical capabilities of a range of CCD cameras and sites and compares them to actual results using 3- to 12-inch telescopes. The detection of stars to 16th and 21st magnitudes with these instruments with signal-to-noise ratios of 3 to 10 is documented. The conclusion is that amateur astronomers with 3-inch telescopes and CCD cameras from suburban sites can make valuable contributions to AAVSO programs.


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