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MP Puppis: An Eclipsing Binary With a 03999-Day Period




Marvin E. Baldwin

8655 N. Co. Rd. 775 E

Butlerville, IN 47223


Daniel H. Kaiser

2631 Washington Street

Columbus, IN 47201


David B. Williams

9270-A Racquetball Way

Indianapolis, IN 46260


Presented at the Spring Meeting of the AAVSO, May 21, 1994; revised 1995




Visual, photographic, and photoelectric observations reveal that MP Puppis is a beta Lyrae-type  eclipsing binary with Min. I = 0.60 V, Min. II = 0.22 V. The period is very nearly equal to the sidereal day. Current light elements are:  Min. I = JD (hel.) 2449361.828 + 0.9989258 E.


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