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A Catalogue of Correlations Between Eclipsing and Other Categories of Double Stars


Dorrit Hoffleit

Department of Astronomy

Yale University

New Haven, CT 06520-8101


Received December 31, 1995




Among the 9110 stars in The Bright Star Catalogue, there are 225 eclipsing or ellipsoidal variables. A search has been made for these in catalogues of spectroscopic binaries, visual double or multiple stars, speckle interferometry, occulation binaries, and galatic clusters. The majority of the photometric binaries are also members of groups of higher multiplicity. The variables are in systems ranging from one to 91 stars, five on the average. 199 are either spectroscopic binaries (SB) or stars with variable radial velocity, with orbital periods known for 160. Photometric periods are lacking for 48 while SB periods are available for 23 of these. Observers with photoelectric equipment are encouraged to plan observations to test if the SB periods are consistent with photometric data. Observers are likewise encouraged to examine those stars for which the photometric and SB periods appear to be inconsistent. Parallaxes are available for 86 of the stars, 41 of them indicating distances nearer than 50 parsecs

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